Corporate Responsibility

Rowlinson Constructions is committed to integrate socially responsible values and concerns of stakeholders into business operations in a manner that fulfils and exceeds current legal and commercial expectations. We consider the human being as the centre of the economic system.

We have defined a stakeholder as a person who can influence or could be influenced by the company’s operations.

At Rowlinson we have a set of management practices which aim to minimize the negative impacts of our operations on society whilst maximising the positive impacts.

We are aware that the way the built environment is designed and developed shapes the way we live, move and work. Construction can provide benefits if carried out in a socially responsible way.

We aim to ensure the success of the business by the inclusion of social and environmental considerations into our operations. We try to satisfy our customers’ demands whilst also managing the expectations of other people such as employees, suppliers and the community around us.

The Rowlinson approach to CSR focuses on:

  • recognizing and accepting the consequences of each action and decision we take
  • caring attitude for others
  • recognizing and accepting individual and cultural diversity
  • recognition of basic human rights of oneself and others
  • generating a sense of pride and integrity in our employees